April 2019

  • Grammarly Review – Does It Work?

    If you are a writer, blogger, or academic researcher and want to improve your grammar, general writing skills, and spelling, then you may have come across Grammarly. It is regarded as one of the best free editing and proofreading tools. This software program flags mistakes and helps to make sure your writing is free of errors.

    How Grammarly Works

    a girl writingYou need to create a free account with Grammarly. After creating the account, you can watch the tour of Grammarly editor. This can quickly help you to adjust the settings so that the feedback you get is quite relevant to your writing and editing goals. After the tour, you can upload your document or paste it. You need to tell Grammarly the context of your writing. In this way, it will change your suggestions. For instance, you are asked the following:

    • Intent (describe, tell a story, convince, or inform)
    • Audience (expert, knowledgeable, general)
    • Emotion (strong or mild)

    The good thing about indicating your intent is that it changes the nature of various suggestions you made. You will also be shown where changes should be made. Review them and make changes taking into account the suggestions provided. Remember that this is software and not all suggestions may make sense to you.

    Ways to Use the Tool

    You have a wide range of ways of using the tool to check your writing.

    Copy and Paste

    You have the freedom to copy the entire content of your work into Grammarly for spell checking, grammar checking, and proofreading.


    You can easily import a document from Microsoft Word.

    Write Directly

    You can also use Grammarly as your writing app. In this case, you can write directly into it. The good thing about this is that it will point out errors as you go on.

    Grammarly Plugin

    If you are using Windows, you can install the plugin to your Microsoft Word. This will help check your writing as you write. As of now, this plugin is not available for MS word on Mac. The easiest way of using Grammarly is to paste article contents into the new document so that you can go through suggested changes.

    Browser Extension

    Also, you can use the extension in your browser. In this case, you need to install the extension and it will show suggestions whenever you are using the web. You can only install the free version as the extension. This will help check your text when writing an email.…

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