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  • Buying Emergency Radio for Communication

    I have always been looking for an emergency radio to keep my family, and I prepared in case the worst happens. Finally, I came across the RunningSnail Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio, and I must admit that it met all my expectations. This is a radio that you can rely on for transmission and communication in case of a storm, tornado or harsh weather that affects normal transmission.

    Emergency Alerts

    The first thing I liked about this radio is the ability to transmit emergency weather alerts. With this radio, you will always be aware of what is happening in your environment even when normal radio transmission cannot be accessed. All events like tornados, storms, and hurricanes are transmitted live.

    emergency radio


    I was impressed that this emergency radio has a flashlight which is one of the most important things during a disaster. Like you already know, during extreme disasters, the power goes off, and you are left in the dark. The manufacturer of this radio put this into consideration by building the radio with a flashlight.

    Easy to Operate

    An easy to operate radio is an essential feature for an emergency ready. With this radio, I realized that it doesn’t take you long to learn how to go about it. The labels are very clear, and you can easily access the flashlight and other features of the radio.

    I particularly liked the power source of this emergency radio. The radio is easily rechargeable using solar power and also crank. The best thing is when using the flashlight, it can go up to 12 hours, and when using the radio, it lasts for 4 hours. In addition to this, you can charge your phone using the USB cable that is available.

    emergency radio

    Emergency Alarm

    The emergency alarm is meant to alert people for help in case you need rescue. I noticed that the alarm is pretty loud and it produces a bright red light in addition to the sound.

    When looking for an emergency radio, the most important thing is to look for features. Make sure that the alarm that you want has all the features that you need. It should have a strong exterior, and it should also be waterproof.

    You need to look for a waterproof radio that you can use during a storm. There are many options available and depending on your preference.…

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