Four Essential Spy Gears to Have

With today’s technological advancement, everyone can play espionage. And unlike what you watch in movies, you don’t need fancy tech equipment for it. With a couple of hundred bucks, you are good to go! Below are four essential spy gears to have if you are interested in the espionage business.

Spy Cameras

small camera lenseThe best camera available for a spy can be ordered online. And you can have them in various shapes and sizes. Some are modeled like small everyday objects, such as pens, clothing buttons, wristwatches, and even glasses. While others still maintain their camera shape but are very tiny in size so that you can hide them easily.

Two factors to consider when buying spy cameras are battery life and image quality. Even though many spy cams have an audio recording feature, the quality of it is not as good as if you record it with a hidden mic. Therefore, you’d better invest in a spy cam that can display pristine video footage.

Spy Listening Devices

Hearing some secret information is the essence of espionage. And the spy listening gears you’ll need are an observation listening device and mini voice recorders. If you don’t know about the observation listening device, it’s the listening aid that is mostly used by ornithologists to identify bird sounds. By using it, you can eavesdrop any conversation that is within 300 feet from you.
However, external noises and building enclosure may interfere with the ability of this listening gear. And that’s why mini voice recorders come into play. Typically, this spy gear is designed to look like a flash drive. You can leave it in your target’s office or vehicle without anyone causing anyone to be suspicious.

GPS Trackers

What’s the use of your fancy recording devices if you can’t find your target? And that is why you will need GPS trackers at your disposal. However, unlike what you’ve seen on TV or movies, GPS trackers that are available for the public are still considerably noticeable in size. You will have to be smart in putting it on your target’s vehicle or belongings.

A Night-Vision Gear

Spying in broad daylight is not smart. But at night, our sight is also limited. Therefore, you should have a night-vision gear. Whether it’s monocular or binocular, it should not be a big deal. As long as it can help you to track your target, then it’s worth the budget.

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